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Quality Jorge

Jorge's Quality

Our history goes back to the 1990's. Today we sell our products to most European countries, and the Jorge brand associates with the quality and solidity.

Constant monitoring of safety

All our products are tested and have CE certificates, thanks to which they reach markets throughout Europe.


Each Jorge Fireworks product is manufactured based on the highest standards and requirements of safety standards.


Our fireworks are tested as soon as they leave the factories. We have our own research laboratory and test field in Poland. We work together with specialized research institutes.


Each product has the appropriate CE and ADR certification. This confirms the quality and safety in use, storage and transport.


Unique and various effects designed to enhance any pyrotechnic show.


AEO is a guarantee of quality.

Safety confirmed
by numerous tests and certificates.

We have our own research laboratory and our products are tested to ensure the highest quality and safety. It is confirmed by the CE marking of products with certificates issued by specialized European research institutes.

  • Certificate CE

    ISO 9001:2015

  • Certificate

    ISO 9001:2015

  • Certificate CE


  • Certificate CE

    EC Type

  • Cerfitcate BAM

    JFK Modul

Quality confirmed
by professionals.

For many years our products have been appreciated by the largest companies from all over Europe.

Our products used by Fenix fireworks shows

We will tell our story.

Numerous prizes and commendations at festivals in Europe.

Our products can be seen at many pyrotechnic festivals around the world, including Festival d'art Pyrotechnique de Cannes, Potsdamer Feuerwerkersinfonie, Montreal International Fireworks Competition, Pyronale Berlin, International Fireworks Festival Vilniaus Fejerija and many more 

The biggest and most beautiful fireworks displays only with Jorge products.


Words do not reflect the full emotions and impressions of the shows organized for us by Fenix.


Our shows are supported by Fenix ​​Pyrotechnics

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